Terms and Conditions


The Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Conference of Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology describe to those interested in attending the event as listeners or abstract presenters the following information:




On May 26, 27 and 28th, 2021, the Nanobiotechnology group of the University of Brasília will hold the 2nd International Conference of Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology at the ADUnB – UnB Teacher Association, Brasília, Brazil.


The Main goal of this event is:


To promote the field of nanobiotechnology.


The specific goals are:

  • To encourage students to participate in scientific events;

  • To stimulate focus in nanobiotechnology as an area of increasing interest;

  • To generate knowledge and new health technologies;

  • To foment interactions among professionals, students and researchers in this area;

  • To promote the increase and exchange of knowledge among researchers, managers, professionals and students.




Those interested in attending the event have this registration option:

​Through www.iconnano.com webpage by clicking the “REGISTER” tab and making the payment with “Sympla” (which includes a service tax).

​The payment values (in Brazilian Reais/R$) are contained in the following table:

By agreeing to participate the event, your e-mail will be saved in our records in order to release topics about the event and the sponsors.



Those interested in submitting an abstract, should do it through the “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” tab available at the website: www.iconnano.com.

​The submitter must be registered in the event

The file name must be the submitting author's full name

​The submission period for the abstracts is from 04th SEP 2020 to 1st MAY 2021. Abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances. Acceptance of the abstract will be released within 30 days of submission and will be emailed.



The abstracts must be written according to the template available at the ICONNANO 2021 website by the “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” tab.

​The attendant must download the file and properly modify it in order to add their abstract’s content. The abstract must contain between 200 and 500 words and must be written as a single paragraph, justified. The font Times New Romansize 12 must be used, and the space between lines must be 1.5 cm. Abbreviations, tables, graphics, figures or footnotes are not allowed.

 The abstract must:

  • ​Be written in English;

  • Show the research goals;

  • Describe the methods used;

  • Contain the partial /final results;

  • Contain the conclusion or final considerations;

  • Contain from three to five keywords based on the Health Sciences Descriptors (DeCS) or Medical Subject Headings (MeSH);

  • Be submitted in Portable Document Format (.pdf)

The authors have up to the event day to provide the poster and prepare the oral presentation.


The submitted abstracts will be evaluated by a panel made up by professors from the University of Brasília. The author's identity will be kept in secret during the evaluation period. The criteria shown below shall be used by the scientific committee:

  1. ​Clarity of the presented piece of work;

  2. Subject relevance;

  3. Essential information about objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusion.

  4. Link between the title and the content;

  5. Logic between objective and methods used;

  6. Link between the final considerations and the methods applied to the data;

  7. Proper language;

  8. Conclusion supported by the results;

  9. Criteria used in sample choice.

The eight highest ranked abstracts will be selected by the technical-scientific committee to present it orally at the “FLASH PRESENTATIONS” space, which will take place at the main stage of the event. ​

All of the other approved abstracts shall be presented as - POSTERS which will take place at the entrance hall.



Abstracts approved by the evaluation committee will be chosen for POSTER presentation or ORAL presentation and the best POSTERs and ORAL PRESENTATIONS will be awarded at the end of event (afternoon of May 28th, 2021) with certificates and special prizes for winners.




  1. ​The posters must be exactly as shown in the template available at the ICONNANO 2021 website, in the “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” Tab. Its dimensions must be 120 cm x 90 cm;

  2. The posters can be written in Portuguese or English;

  3. All posters should be prepared in advance and brought to the conference by the presenters. The conference organizers are NOT able to receive any posters by mail in advance, print or transport posters;

  4. Authors are responsible for mounting their posters the morning of their presentation and removing them as soon as the session ends;

  5. Presenters will be assigned a specific time slot and numbered space for their poster presentation.

  6. The author may take up to five minutes for the oral presentation of the poster, and the evaluator may ask questions if necessary, for the evaluation.

​The posters must have the following content: ​

  • Title; author(s), advisor and institution names at the top section;

  • Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results, Final Considerations and main references;

  • The use of graphics, figures and tables is highly recommended for data presentation.

​​The posters will be exposed at a poster session during Coffee Break. The posters must be placed where the organizing committee determines. They shall be available for viewing to the academic community, and taken down at the end of the day.

The oral presentations must follow the schedule published by the May 15, 2021 at the ICONNANO 2021 website in the “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” tab. At the same page, the placement for the attendant's poster will be available, as well as the day and time it must be orally presented.




The eight highest-ranked abstracts will be invited to present their scientific work orally during the “Flash presentations”, as a PowerPoint slides presentation.

The following items are required for the presentation:

  • Title;

  • Author(s) and advisor(s)' name (in full), along with the home institution name and the advisor's degree.

​​The authors may take up to 6 minutes (each) to present their works. This limit must not be exceeded. It's the author's responsibility to prepare and send the PowerPoint file (*.ppt format) to the organizing committee through the e-mail contact@iconnano.com until the May 25th.


The general coordination and the organizing committee of ICONNANO 2021 will solve particular cases, as well as the situations not described in this notice.


​The following e-mail can be used for further clarification: contact@iconnano.com

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